Free Fun Is Getting Done: Your MacKID Event Picks This Week

All your family fun Jan. 3 - 9

By Macaroni KID December 31, 2023

January calls for free events to help our wallets recover from the holidays. This week we're serving up a menu of free fun for the kids that will save your sanity and budget. Here's what you don't want to miss January 3-9:

1. Natural Disasters and What to Do

It never hurts to be prepared and this virtual workshop will teach kids how to ride seismic waves, sail through fierce floods, and generally stay calm in the chaos.  Jan. 4

2. Discover Shapes in Nature

It takes all shapes and sizes to make the world go round. Introduce your curious kiddos to the shapes that keep popping up in nature and participate in an experiment. No lab needed, just soap and water so it doubles as a bath, right? Jan. 5

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3. Design Your Own Truck

Grab the hammers and head to Home Depot for this month's DIY workshop. The kids can build their own delivery truck and you can watch them spill paint on someone else's floor. Jan. 6

4. Create a New Year Resolution Vision Board

Forget 2020, you've got 2024 vision with this free in-store craft at Michaels. Join the kids in putting your goals on paper and making it a great year. Or at least trying. Want to do this at home? Here's how. Jan. 7

5. Celebrate the New Year with Little Movers Storytime

There's no better way to start the new year than with kids who go to sleep on time. Make sure they're ready for dreamland by getting the wiggles out at this active and engaging storytime. Parenting in 2024? Easy peasy. Jan. 8